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AAT Alber Antriebstechnik GmbH is the manufacturer of mobile, flexible and practical stair climbing systems and additional drives for the transport and rehab technology sectors.

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Ideas move you

With the slogan “Ideas move you”, AAT is making a confident promise to the public and demanding the highest standards of itself.

Extremely motivated employees make an essential, far-reaching contribution to the quality of our products with their commitment and creativity.

Made in Germany

Its site in Germany is an essential part of AAT’s company philosophy. The central theme of helping people is always a core focus when we develop new products.

Trust the original with over 35 years experience!

Electric stair climber Made in Germany

Electric stair climbers

Our CargoMaster
CargoMaster C120 electric stair climbing lift truck / stair climbing hand truck


up to 120 kg


CargoMaster CC160 electric stair climber / stair climbing hand truck


up to 160 kg


CargoMaster CC200 electric stair climber / stair climbing hand truck


up to 200 kg


CargoMaster A350 electric stair climbing barrow / stair climbing hand truck


up to 350 kg


CargoMaster C400 electric stair climbing lift truck / stair climbing hand truck


up to 400 kg


Selection aid
we have put together a selection of common cargo to help you select the right CargoMaster for your needs.
Of course, you can also transport other goods with our CargoMasters.

The right stair climbers for any requirement

Transporting heavy goods is one of the most demanding jobs in logistics. It often requires two people and they can take a very long time to transport heavy goods from A to B. Not to mention the huge amount of physical stress that more often than not leads to permanent health issues. “CargoMaster” stair climbers can take the strain!

They allow employees to work far more efficiently and the purchase price will pay for itself in a short space of time. They also protect backs and joints, which reduces the number of employees who need to take time off work.

The CargoMaster can be used on virtually any subfloor, and can even deal with spiral staircases. Safety brakes automatically stop at the stair edge.

  • CargoMaster CC160 electric stair climber transports cable drums up external stairs

CargoMaster CC SERIES

CC series load stair climbers are AAT’s newest development. The CC series is setting new standards in ease of operation and handling due to its various technical innovations such as ComfortStep and the multi-level batteries display. Lifting capacity up to 200 kg.
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  • CargoMaster C400

CargoMaster C SERIES

are particularly suitable for situations in logistics, where it's not just safe transport that matters, but where climbing speed and flexibility are also crucial. The CargoMaster can transport up to 400 kg up stairs in a straightforward, reliable fashion.
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  • CargoMaster A350 electric stair climber transports boilers up stairs

CargoMaster A SERIES

are specially designed to transport wide, high and extremely heavy goods. It transports up to 350 kg, so it's ideal for boilers and ovens etc.
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AAT service concept

The highest quality customer care
With our professional service concept AAT once again proves its superior quality standards and offers its clients an all-inclusive package.

We are here for you!
Tel.: +49 7431.12 95-550
Fax: +49 7431.12 95-540

Spare parts

Repair processing

Technical advice

Show room & exhibition devices


Loaner devices for existing customers

Your benefits with an electric stair climber
CargoMaster in action
See the CargoMaster in action.
Application videos and videos on the climbing process.
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Are you still dragging heavy loads up stairs? Or are you already a CargoMaster user?
Expertise for your health
Transporting heavy loads up stairs is one of the most difficult transport situations. Often, it requires two or three people to get properly stuck in. You can also benefit from our more than 30 years of expertise in stair climbing. The CargoMaster stair climbing unit protects your back and minimises the risk of accidents.
Profitable & cost-effective
The CargoMaster doesn't get back pain and will become your most reliable partner for stair transport jobs that you simply cannot do without. You can even negotiate spiral staircases or loads up to 400 kg effortlessly. Stair climbing barrows from AAT – A safe investment for your health and your wallet.
Efficient & professional
When you use our CargoMaster electric stair climbing barrows, often only one person is needed to transport even very heavy loads quickly and safely up stairs. Our stair climbing units can also deal with your transport issues. Work efficiently and professionally with our stair climbers.

Safety & quality in focus
AAT is the only manufacturer that offers “max. safety” as standard! All models are fitted with our patented step braking system. But there's a small crucial difference – trust the original “Made in Germany”.
Simple & straightforward
Our electric stair climbing barrows can be quickly and easily retrofitted, often without any tools, due to our extensive range of accessories. You can handle very special requirements on a day-to-day basis! CargoMaster – The stair climbers by professionals, for professionals.
The all-rounder for professionals
We offer the most appropriate stair climber for a wide-range of sectors – whether it's for trade, industry or wholesale. Get in touch and find out how you can use the expertise of the no. 1 for “transporting loads up stairs”.
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